Electrophoretic Coating

The electrophoretic coating (EP) process is widely used in the automotive and other industries for corrosion protection as it offers the ability to deposit a uniform coating over an entire component including those with bends, cavities, or areas that would be hard to coat with conventional powder coat or liquid spray process.

The Matts and Jenkins EP plant is an automatic finishing facility surtec and phosphate pre-treatments for alloy or steel and using Clearclad black paint. This process is also known as E Coating, Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD), E Coat, Cathodic Dip Painting (CPD) and Electrodeposition. This process is best described as a cross between plating and painting.

The E coat process can be used to produce a basic coating in its own right by giving excellent corrosion protection to components not requiring a more decorative finish. It can also be used in conjunction with a powder coated finish on components that require a higher degree of protection and a more robust and aesthetic finish.